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Isolation Suite

Everything Must Go (Lyrics)


old mattress over the fence

Sylvia Fraser

Don't Start Thinking Too Early


Fearing blindness, closing the left – still hazel – the grey one sees itself clearly and  confirms the other shut.

We Teach Our Objects How To Speak Our Language



Audio Series

Isolation Suite follows UnDone, an isolated musician who is going grey: physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and even technologically. A surreal hybrid of indie rock, drama and poetry, the audio series mines mystery, metaphor and comedy in the grey zones of mental illness. This is the soundscape of someone inspired while he's fading into nothingness. The six-episode series is written by Tim Carlson and features music by Cold Calculi.


The script and lyrics for Isolation Suite were written by Tim Carlson, who also plays UnDone. Cold Calculi is Tim on guitar and vocals, and Christie Watson on drums, guitar and vocals. Follow Cold Calculi on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Christie also plays Meursault, Dr. Bell, Lisette, Felicia the Harsh, Yasmin and other characters. Isolation Suite is directed by Jiv Parasram, with dramaturgy by Kellee Ngan and Gavan Cheema.




The audio series is sound designed, produced and engineered by David Mesiha. Music by Cold Calculi was recorded by Jon Wood at JFD Studios and Emily Ryan at Rain City Recorders. Music videos associated with Isolation Suite are by Ulla Laidlaw and Margaret Krawecka.


The series is co-produced by Theatre Conspiracy and Rumble Theatre in Vancouver Copyright Tim Carlson 2021 and Cold Calculi (SOCAN) 2021.

"The weight that could separate grey mind from body."

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